Darlene is a college English instructor, wife, mother, and writer. She holds an MFA in creative writing from University of California at Riverside and is currently working on two projects, a novel, House Secrets, and a memoir. They say writers write about their obsessions. Darlene’s obsessions include the family dynamic, loss and redemption, and racial and social justice.  These obsessions prompted her to collaborate on the genesis of and the ongoing curation of the social media movement Artists of Against Cultures of Violence.  She subsequently initiated a series of readings to bring that social media movement to local arts scenes in Southern California.  She founded Rhino Baby Press, a digital publication to honor these live events by archiving and sharing these artists’ words.  Her work can be found online at Whistling Fire, Hippo Reads.  She has an essay in the 2014 anthology No More Shame Project.  Be sure to follow her on Twitter and add her on Facebook.


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